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19 October 2016

2.4 Ghz channel scanner using NRF24L01 RF Transreceiver :

What is 2.4Ghz scanner:
My requirement behind this project is I want to make such device which can sniff 2.4Ghz ISM frequency band. But after some research its bit hard and trick to make such device. But I figure it out to made such a device which can locate the particular channel on which data is transmitted. their are some ready made examples for Arduino but none of with GUI that can be easy to understand. here I developed GUI base 2.4GHZ channel scanner( NOT SNIFFER :( ).
Here I used channel range from 1 - 126 means  NRF2401 having frequency range of 2.4Ghz - 2.529GHz which can be divided in 126 channels each one of 1Mhz. so if you want to find wifi channel frequency for particular standard you need to map NRF2401 channel with the standard channel. see the standard 802.11b/g/n below and map 2.4Ghz - 2.529GHz = 1 - 126 with this range

Required :
1) Arduino
2) NRF24L01
3) Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

Screen Shots and Explanation:
 Start NRF 2.4Ghz Channel Scanner application and attach arduino to your computer. You will see active COM port in application here I got "COM8" . Select baud rate 9600.
Step 2:
Now initialize communication with hardware by click on Init button

 application start communication with hardware. hardware send data and application arrange it channel wise. For testing purpose here i used simple RC plane Controller to find out which channel it use to broadcast its request package further I will work to extract data from its packet.

Step 3:
Whene the Controller switch is off the data chart is like this

Step 4:
Now Switch on Controller but without switching on receiver.

LED of controller start blinking means it start broadcast packet to find receiver

Step 5:
After some time Arduino send data which carrier signal is detected by it. The signal chart looks like this


In this image see the channel number 82,83,84 and 85 the scanner sense the carrier signals thats mean the RC controller sending request on these four channel ( The color indication :Dark is more packet strick).

Step 6:
Now test on some other RF devices here I used Bluetooth which also work on 2.4 Ghz band range.
See the diagram below put module in between two mobile which currently exchanging data. I send Mp3 file form one mobile to other . the result I get shown in Image

Result of this experiment as follows

If you want to go to deep of Bluetooth need to learn FHSS which does not use single channel to transmit data it. so here data sense at number of channel.
I am looking forward to make 2.4Ghz sniffer.  

If have any question please comment below or email me.

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