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14 December 2016

JHD12864E interfacing with Arduino Uno( 128x64 Bit MAp Graphics LCD) :

Requirement :
1 ) JHD12864E LCD
2 ) Arduino
3 ) Connecting wires

Aim: Convert and display JPEG image on Graphics LCD as Bitmap image

Step 1 : 
Download and put Glcd library in Documents/Arduino/library folder
GLCD library

Step 2 :
Download BMP-To-LCD software to convert JPEG image to BMP array

Step 3:  
Make connection of LCD to Arduino UNO as shown in figure.

Step 4:
 Download any image from internet.

Step 5: Open image in Paint

Step 6:

Step7 :


Step 8:

Step 9: 
Click on resize without selecting area

Step 10: 
Save image as 1.bmp 

Step 11 : open Image in BMP-LCD software

And click on Genarate code

Copy that genarated code in Arduino sketch

Step 12: Copy Paste code in bitmaps.h with some modification as shown in below image

Main sketch is as shown below image 

You can download it from here Arduino_GLCD_Sketch.rar

If You have any question comment below.


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  1. hello sir, i saw this tutorial, but for parallele connection, could you make one for a serial connection where PSB is connected to gnd, thank you

  2. Getting error as Undefined Reference to setup and loop in bitmaps.h Why sir???