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8 November 2015

Project titled "Clap Operated home Appliances"

It is known as Clap Switch, because the condenser mic which will be used in this Project will have an ability to take the sound having same pitch as the Clap sound as the input. Although it doesn’t mean that the sound will have to be of Clap sound, it can be any sound having the same high pitch as of Clap. We can also say that it converts the Sound energy into the Electrical Energy, because we are giving an input to the circuit as a sound whereas the Circuit gives us the output given to 12v relay to drive 230v powered devices.

This is my third year project of engineering . in which i used 8051 micro controller(89v51rd2 as it is easily programmable using rs232 protocol ).
In this project the sensor circuit uses low power op-amp IC LM324 and simple microphone taken out from mobile headphones.

fig: Circuit diagram is as given below

Download link for Source code :Download Source Code

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