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7 December 2015

Aptitude Exam Software For Linux using GTK2+ :

I developed this software on openSuse using gtk2+ paython. we have case competition for moc recruitment in our institute so we choose KPIT compancy . for conduct aptitude exam i develope this software.

> OS :linux (any)
> Library : gtk2+ requered 
> for testing purpose LAN connection or you can use Loop Back adress(ie
> knowledge of inet socket

screen shots given below
USER NAME :  <any text>
U-ID : KPIT-<any text>

Server Side:
step 1
change IP address and port in files "allheader.h"

step 2 :
 compile server aplication using gcc compiler
$ gcc -c main.c
$ gcc -o main main.o
$ ./main

step3: first start server then exam application.
here i given screen shot of server side applicatio and client side application

left side having list of exam submitted students and right side the sorted list according to marks.

step 4: application side screenshot

in case of result not submitted to serve result display on screen
result get submitted to server

Download Source Code : Click Here

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